CCRN proudly supports and encourages the community experience. It is with great honor that CCRN has partnered with Pennsylvania Health Services Foundation (PHSF) a non-profit organization developed to assist members of the community in accessing therapeutic services, including respite. PHSF offers grant opportunities which may be accessed through existing social service agencies allowing individuals and families to select their service provider. Grants are not based on financial need, but on overall need as well as of course availability. PHSF offers grant opportunities to local social service agencies to be utilized for direct care support of families needing support services as well as grants to improve the quality of direct service provider professional development opportunities social service agencies are offering to their teams. The focus at PHSF is on the consumer with quality being the number one goal. This is a shared philosophical approach between CCRN and PHSF.

In the spirit of community giving CCRN contributes to the following causes:

1. Make-A-Wish Foundation (helping children with cancer)
2. St. Jude’s Research Hospital (turning no child or family away even if they cannot pay for treatment)
3. Autism Speaks
4. Special Olympics
5. Pennsylvania Health Services Foundation
6. Various churches supporting Chester and Lancaster County communities
7. Good Will Work Program (assisting individuals with special needs to gain employment)
8. Boy Scouts Commission (sponsoring children who could not otherwise afford to be a Boy Scout)
9. And, a variety of other organizations with missions similar to ours. Improving the lives of others is important and at CCRN we strive to contribute $30,000 annually back to the community to help those in need.



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