Meet Some of Our Direct Service Providers


Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez graduated from WCU December, 2007, with a degree in Music Education. After graduation, Laura gained employment as a district 1:1 aide until joining the CCRN in July, 2008. In addition to providing in school support as a PCA for CCRN, Laura is a valued part of CCRN’s Home & Community Program where she provides respite service to families in need.

Laura’s other professional experiences include teaching social skills in a local summer Extended School Year program.  Her primary professional experience includes work with individuals living with Autism Spectrum Diagnosis.  Laura is quoted as saying “Everyday is an opportunity for our clients to make positive changes. Their potential is limitless, which is why I love going to work each day.”

Cory McLaurin

Cory McLaurin has a wide range of experience in providing therapeutic intervention for those in need including supporting individuals living with Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Paranoia, and other severe behavior issues.  He is a welcomed addition to our CCRN team!






Geri Henderson

Geri Henderson is one of our most popular respite providers. She willingly opens her home to anyone age 1-101 in need of respite and is known to never say no at a time of need. She has a wide range of skill and compassion and a knack for knowing exactly how to make CCRN respite consumers and their families feel welcomed, appreciated, and just like a part of the family. Visits to her home are often considered vacations where Mrs. Henderson serves as the chief gourmet cook and events coordinator. Your loved one will be safe, happy, and fulfilled while visiting with Mrs. Henderson and her beautiful family. Mrs. Henderson has been honored by CCRN as Respite Provider of the Year and it is our pleasure to have her on board as a part of our dedicated team.

Tim Stoner

Tim Stoner enjoys working with individuals with special needs. He finds assisting others with adapting to the demands of society very fulfilling. Mr. Stoner loves interacting with a variety of personalities every day and has found his work as a PCA to be an ideal opportunity to utilize his own hyper-active nature to benefit others! Mr. Stoner brings a great respect for others and a vibrant, positive attitude to every assignment he assumes. Mr. Stoner treats those he serves as members of his own family and in doing so brings comfort and a sense of trust to his daily interactions laying the foundation for great strides in behavioral, social, academic, and other successes. We are proud of Tim Stoner and his many talents. When you visit our office you will notice our gorgeous reception desk crafted by Mr. Stoner especially for CCRN. Thank you, Mr. Stoner, for all you do!


Malik Feamster

Malik Feamster happily provides PCA and Bus Aide support services to children with special needs. Mr. Feamster’s strong presence combined with his gentle approach in dealing with the unique challenges of the students he serves is by far one of CCRN’s finest direct service professionals. Mr. Feamster brings a smile to work with him every day, is admired by his peers as well as by school and bus personnel, and is ready and willing to go above and beyond to bring about success. He is a skilled clinician with a wide range of expertise in handling difficult behaviors. Mr. Feamster is kind and compassionate, has a sense of humor, and understands the importance of professionalism. Mr. Feamster is lovingly referred to as CCRN’s best dressed!


Rachel Orlando

Rachel Orlando provides Behavior Specialist Consultant services to  CCRN Behavioral & Educational Supports clients for over four
years.  She has over eleven years of professional experience
working with children diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, ODD, ADHD, and a broad range of other diagnoses.   Rachel received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kutztown University followed by a Master’s degree in Higher Education Counseling from West Chester University.  Rachel completed the BCBA program at Penn State University and is in the process of becoming BCBA certified.  Additionally, she is
pursuing her professional license in counseling. Rachel is extremely passionate about her job and the clients and families she works with.


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